Apple Sauce

Apple sauce was once food prepared for winter, it as  a wide variety of dishes that it accompanies beautifully.  Savory to sweet, a great condiment from pork, blood sausage and a great ingredient to use in a vinaigrette. In France it’s known as Compote au Pommes, and is usually served at room temperature with desert, which is also the case in North America.

The sauce has many different forms from smooth to chunky and many complementary flavorings.  In this case we are going to add ginger, lime and thyme.


12 medium (2.2kg) Apples

3 tbsp (18g) of fresh Ginger or 3/4 tsp (1.35g) of ground Ginger

3 (200g) Limes

1 cup (200g) Sugar

5 sprigs of Thyme


5 x 350ml jars


Peel and core your apples, I personally like to quarter them, then cut them again length wise again twice.  Keeping them close to the same size is important and produces a better end results.  Once they are sliced keep them in a bath of cold water with lime or lemon juice, it keeps the apples from oxidizing.

Peel and grate your ginger, set it aside.  Zest your limes then juice them, set it aside.

On a medium heat, oil a pot and start to sweat your apples.  Once the apples are steaming, add a bit of water, sugar, zest and ginger. Cook the mixture until desired consistency, I prefer to cook it just enough so that most of the apple has broken down but still has small chunks left.

When the desired consistency is achieved, take it off the heat and add the lime juice.

In a small bowl, take a spoonful of the apple sauce and refrigerate it, once it’s cool, taste.  Now is the time to make any adjustments and when your satisfied with the taste, next step will be to can it.

Bring a pot of water to boil, there needs to be enough water to cover the mason jars. Put your mason jars and lids in the boiling water and let them boil for five minutes, this will sterilize them.  Take out your jars and lids, add a spring of thyme to each jar, fill your jars with the apple sauce and place the lid on the jar.  Once they are all filled with the lid on, replace the jars in the boiling water, for another ten to twelve minutes. Take out your jars and place them upside down, on a cloth and leave them for 24 hours.

For futher information on canning visit our canning section

The Apple Sauce will last 6-9 months on the shelf, once opened keep refrigerated and will last up to 3 weeks.

Bonne Appetit!