Gaining Traction

We were gaining a bit of traction at this stage, we organized a fundraiser to help us get a head start.  The turn out was phenomenal, raised enough to buy a large quantity of jars and lids.  We kept stocking up and making donation, as mentioned in Test, Try and Perfect blog, meanwhile still looking for a commercial kitchen.  The commercial kitchen… You can read about that in On Our Way blog, the situation still hadn’t improved.

On a more positive note, we were featured in the local newspaper.  The article was called New non-profit plans to turn food waste into delicious creations, in the article it mentioned that we were hoping to be on the grocery store shelves by end of March, meanwhile I’m writing this and it’s december and were still not there.

We finally started moving product at the farmers market and fortunately it opened up early.  For the first few markets, we didn’t sell as much as we would have liked, mainly because we weren’t selling the product, we were selling the idea.  It seemed like most people didn’t care about the food waste issues and what we can do to change that but that’s not true, they were there to try a product, not be bombarded with information.  We found that those that were interested asked who we were and what we’re doing.

Shortly after our first market, another article was released and we were mentioned in it, without us knowing.  The article Muni wants Whistlerites to ‘put their garbage on a diet’ talks about reducing the amount of organics that go into the landfill.

As we were gaining all of this traction, we were selected to be part of the Social Venture Challenge, which was a program to help young entrepreneur grow there business.  You can read about it in the article New program fosters socially minded start-ups from concept to pitch.

What a busy summer!

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