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Finishing up the presentations that we are going to give to the grocery stores, it was important that it stay short and concise.  The presentation included the big picture of the project (you can read about it, in the blog called (Who we Are, What we Are), the laws surrounding donations of food to non profit or charitable organizations, and how they and the community will benefit from this project.  The presentation lasted less then 10 minutes, short and sweet, and got everybody excited about the project.

Getting the grocery stores on board was the first step, without them, the whole project wouldn’t work.  Now that they were on board, we got the incorporation paperwork.

Reading over the incorporation papers, none of us had ever done anything like this, so there was tons of back and forth between research and filling out the paperwork.  It got done, with lots of head scratching, and we sent it off.

Now time to get some recipes written down for the health inspector, which is easy enough, but we had to brain storm a bit here.  Usually when you write a recipe, you have an idea of what you want to see on a plate or in a jar (in this case), but everything that we would be getting are donation of produce that they can’t or won’t sell.  We made a list of produce that we thought would be regular donation, among them was apples and onions, because they are relatively inexpensive and bruise easily, berries, because of the short life span, etc.  We wrote the recipes for many different products, with that done on to the next step.

The idea right from the beginning was to sell the products on the grocery store shelves, in order for that to happen we needed to cook out of a commercial kitchen.  As it turns out, commercial kitchen, here in Whistler, is a hot commodity, no, wait, very hot commodity.  Following every lead we got, and got nowhere but kept searching.

In the middle of all this searching, we also order the jars and lids that we would need.  We figured 500 would be a good start and had them delivered to our house.  In the middle of all of this, we got back the incorporation paperwork, there were a couple of mistakes and they wanted more detailed information of the purposes of the society.  Corrected and gave them more details, sent off the paperwork again.

When we finally got the incorporation papers, with the jars in, we contacted the grocery stores and they started organizing a system on their end to make donation.  A few days later the first grocery store was ready, it was The Grocery Store in Whistler Village.

Remember when I said we thought we had a good idea of what we would get?  Well, not even close… The first food pickup was done on March the 12th 2015 and this is what it looks like.


 Our first food pickup from The Grocery Store

Our first food pickup from The Grocery Store

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